Socks5 Proxy Setup for qBittorent

Set up Socks5 proxy on qBittorrent client on Ubuntu

1. Open qBittorrent client

2. Click on Tools and then press Preferences.

On a new window choose Connection.
For type choose Socks5.
For Proxy enter one of Smart DNS Proxy Torrent VPN servers addresses, which allows torrent traffic. (Click yo find our VPN Server List)
For Port type 1080
Type in your Username and Password and click OK

3. Socks5 proxy is set up on qBittorrent

If you want to check whether it really works, here is what you have to do:

1. Go to this website

2. Copy “Magnet link” address and open it in uTorrent client.

3. The file ipMagnet Tracking Link starts synchronizing.

4. While the file is connecting to peer, return to the ipMagnet website. A new IP address, the one that you chose, appears.

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